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Friends & Sponsors

Please be sure to check out some of Patxi's sponsors and friends sites below.

SONY Corporation

Many thanks to Jim Rosemary, Bob Manning, Patrick Brennan and the numerous executives at the various divisions of the SONY Corporation which provided all of Patxi's underwater video production equipment for over 7 years for his Television Series on CBS and countless other video production projects. Additional thanks to SONY Corporation, with particular gratitude to Jason Farrow, SONY's Director of Communications, for all of the technology they contributed for Patxi's "Underwater Exploration Exhibition" produced in affiliation with NOAA, NASA and the National Undersea Research Center which was featured at the "Martine Aquarium at Norwalk, CT".

Frazier Nivens

Frazier Nivens is a renowned Emmy Award winning underwater cinematographer and PADI Course Director that has been Patxi's mentor and dear friend for over two decades. Patxi attributes Frazier as being the single greatest influence in his understanding and love of the sea and diving. During a vacation to the Bahamas when Patxi was only 21 he met Frazier who at the time was the Director of Dive Operations for David Melville's famed Rum Cay Dive Club. That chance encounter began a friendship between the two of them that has resulted in countless expeditions, underwater TV Specials and related marine animal adventures around the world. Frazier has run numerous dive operations throughout the Bahamas and Florida Keys and is credited as beginning the shark dives off of Nassau when he owned and operated Nassau Scuba Center there in the 90's. He currently runs his State-of-the-Art High Definition Video Production Operation Ocean Imaging in Key Largo, FL. Patxi and Frazier's most recent expeditions have included filming mother and baby humpback whales off of the Dominican Republic, Manatees in Crystal River, FL and hand feeding Caribbean sharks off Nassau, Bahamas.

George Terry

George Terry is "the stuff" true rock and roll legends are made of! Having toured and written with Eric Clapton for over a decade George's famous songs as well as signature riffs and leads on countless Clapton's classics include Lay Down Sally, Cocaine, Mainline Florida, I Shot The Sheriff, Heavens's Door and literally dozens more. Patxi has always regarded George as one of the best guitar players of all time...Period! For years George has been the "go to" session player for the world's greatest recording artists and his performances both live and in the studio include a literal who's who of the music industry's superstars including The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Joe Cocker, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Pardon, Diana Ross, ABBA, Dionne Warwick, Barbara Streisand, Olivia Newton John, The Bee Gees and Stephen Stills. George has become a close friend of Patxi's and serves as both a musical and guitar mentor to him. He often delights lucky audiences during surprise appearances at Patxi's gigs.

Grandmaster Yu & Yu's Martial Art Academy

There are certain people who you are blessed to meet along the course of your lifetime and Olympic Medalist and South Korean Martial Arts Champion Grandmaster Yu is one of those people in Patxi's life. Patxi trained for many years under Grandmaster Yu's mentorship and received his first degree Black Belt at his renowned Yu's Academy of Martial Arts facilities located in Simsbury and Canton, Connecticut. Grandmaster Yu has been instructing Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and Hapkido since 1976 and remains respected as one of the finest Martial Arts instructors in the United States. Patxi has continued to credit Grandmaster Yu's philosophies and teachings which have always focused heavily on respect for others and ones self to have played a principal role in the many successes in both his professional and personal life.

Roland Corporation

Many thanks to Chuck Vandeman, Larry Garcia and Dick Bell and the entire Roland Corporation for all of their ongoing help and sponsorship of Patxi's "Digital Whale Guitar" project and Bahamas Expeditions.

Alto Reed - Bob Seger's Famed Silver Bullet Band Sax Man

Patxi's good friend and another major musical inspiration is Alto Reed the famed sax man and co-founder of Bob Seger's legendary Silver Bullet Band. Alto is know not only for his work for over 30 years with Seger but also as one of the best Blues Sax players anywhere. His mastery of literally all brass instruments and flutes has resulted in his being recognized as one of the most versatile musicians of his kind in the industry. Patxi has been honored on a number of occasions to perform as a special guest of Alto's acclaimed "Rock And Roll All stars".

Captain Spencer Slate

Captain Spencer Slate has been regarded for over 40 years as a living legend of the Florida Keys. His early days of feeding Barracuda and Jewfish with his lips has only recently been overshadowed by his new love of serving as the Official SCUBA Easter Bunny of the Florida Keys for a number of local charities. Captain Slate is the founder and operator of the acclaimed Atlantis Dive Center which serves as the largest dive operation in Key Largo with a fleet of five dive boats.

"Analog Man" - Mike Piera

Mike "Analog Man" Piera is recognized by many in the industry as the "King Of Tone" and a pioneer of guitar pedals. Many of the custom guitar pedals Patxi is currently playing in his rig have been modified by Mike and his staff. A detailed view of Patxi's custom pedals which were modified by Mike can be seen on "Patxi's Gear" page.

Patxi's current custom guitar effects pedal board was designed and built by David George of The complete rig can be seen on "Patxi's Gear" page.

Ovation Guitars

Many thanks to Gene Brown, John Budny and Mike Marcure and the entire staff at Ovation Guitars for their sponsorship of Patxi's "Digital Whale Guitar" project and all the TLC they have continued to give his guitars over the years. All of Patxi's tracks recorded on "Sea Dance" were made using his Ovation "Legend Series" guitar.