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For Immediate Release

August 1, 1997

Corporate America Renews Its Commitment To
Patxi Entertainment Network (PEN) & The Internet

Nikon, AT&T, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, Vidal Sassoon, Clearasil and Cover Girl
Launch Internet Advertising Campaigns With PEN

Corporate America continues to renew it's commitment to award winning Patxi Entertainment Network (PEN), one of the world's leaders in celebrity based Internet programming.   PEN's SUPERMODEL.COM and SUPERSTARS.COM continue to play host for top Internet advertisers such Nikon, AT&T, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, Vidal Sassoon, Clearasil and Cover Girl. As the increasing trend in marketing on the web continues to grow, PEN stands in the forefront providing some of its advertisers with average "click through rates" of as high as twelve percent.   To date, PEN has racked up over twenty five of the industr y's ies leading awards and commendations for its site design and production excellence .

Since January 1997, PEN's network of Internet sites have seen a huge increase in advertising as a result of their custom publishing and digital advertising services.   Recent third party audits of the NETWORK's traffic have certified that visitors are now averaging an unprecedented twelve page views per unique visit.   The PEN network is currently serving over 5 million advertising impressions per month through their leading entertainment based web sites which include,, and   SUPERSTARS.COM hosts the official online fan clubs for some of the world's leading entertainers and recording artists, including   including Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton, Brooke Shields, Carly Simon, John Mel l encamp, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Cranberries and Andre Agas s i.   PEN additionally published and maintains a new official Internet site and online merchandise area for the rock band, The Grateful Dead at DEADTIES.COM.

PEN's success in online advertising further enhances a trend beginning in the Internet and advertising worlds. PEN has attracted the attention of the world leaders in manufacturing, communications, advertising, skin care, computer products and more.   Yahoo and PEN recently entered into a special agreement to co-promote each other's sites and Nikon has provided P.E.N with advanced digital imaging and camera equipment, which is currently being used on their websites to produce live world wide cybercasts for concerts, press confrences and fashion shows. This growing partnership with corporate America not only provides advertisers with the latest digital imaging technology, but supporters are now utilizing PEN's expertise to distribute their branded messages to millions of consumers through P.E.N's network of sites.

"The Internet is a competitive, forever changing and exciting new frontier which calls for constant innovation," says Patxi Pastor, President and C.E.O. of PEN.   "We continue to focus our attention on exploring new opportunities with our major advertisers and sponsors, because they have always led the industry in setting new standards and trends for the Internet."

Located in Connecticut, PEN is one of the world leaders in celebrity-based Internet programming.   PEN provides production services, content, special event programming and merchandise fulfillment for its holdings which include,, and . Its network of Internet sites currently receives over 15 million requests each month.