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Phil "Phoo" Stevens Tribute

Those of you who have been coming to hear Patxi play from as far back as his early beginnings as a teenager in the late seventies, undoubtedly join him in still feeling the devastating loss of one of his dearest childhood friends and first drummer Phil "Phoo" Stevenson. Phoo was beloved by many and was renowned for his style of playing drums. His unique sense of rhythm and melody always captivated both the audiences and band members alike.

Phoo's life was tragically cut short when he was killed as a result of a motorcycle accident which occurred in his home town of West Hartford, Connecticut. He had a passion for music and performing and his kind spirit and wit was always and inspiration to anyone he came in contact with.

Greg Grinsfelder, who has been playing drums with Patxi for over 30 years, actually started as the band's percussionist. Greg learned to play drums from Phoo. Even after the passage of decades, Patxi and Greg often comment to each other on how even though Phoo is no longer here on this earth physically, they very much feel his presence whenever they are playing music together.

In a very special way, Greg has continued in Phoo's footsteps thorough his teachings and keeps his beat and love alive every time he and Patxi are together making music. They are both sure Phoo is watching over them with his never ending enthusiasm and curiosity asking them as he always did " What's ssssappinin?".