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Road To Life

Words & Music By Patxi Pastor
©1999 All Rights Reserved

Each and every soul that is born unto this world
Is granted a blessed gift of a magical journey
And with each and every step we take
Down this sacred path of our lifetime
Our spirit is empowered and grows
Based on the clarity and intensity
Of our ability to truly love ourselves
And all of the other living things around us.
Be grateful for the ride!
It is everything you choose to make it
And all you want it to be.

Life is a journey and I’ll keep walking
Twisting and turning down that road to life
A growing baby to a handsome lad
Making good friends best a man has ever had
One chance to live life thank God for mine
Cherish every moment cause your dead a long long time
Hey You, Hey Me
Moving’ together down that road to life
Hey Us, Hey We
Walking’ together down that road to life

So climb aboard now big steams at bay
Keep open minded to the things life brings your way
Big doors will open that once seemed shut
Just kick em’ wide with every blessed thing you’ve got
Whole world is out there so what you gonna do
Hey young and restless I am talking about you


And give me the strength to make it
And I will find the courage to try
I’m gonna hold on to the hope to take it
To this love for life I’m feeling inside

There ain’t no stopping so baby don’t look back
Life’s about your blessings and not the things you lack
There’s a whole world of abundance waiting right in front of you
Go ahead and make your future anything you want it to

And I dreamed one starry evening that I met a holy man
He whispered in my ear everything is right here in my hand
And he said my starry angel, send my spirit for a ride
And honor what is sacred to find all the love I have inside

He said, “Just trust in love to take you baby down that road to life”


So open up to the world now just let your whole life go
Like the river finds the ocean gonna watch your water flow
Love is to living like the moon is to the sea
Attracting all the goodness that defines the best in me
So come on baby won’t you take my hand
Gonna make our mark by dancing with our footsteps in the sand
So no more sleeping gonna wake on up the dead
Still water can run so deep and so remember what I said


And if you need me, I’m gonna be there
Walking beside you down that road to life
Look and you’ll see me, I’ll always be where
Your love is shining down that road to life