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For Immediate Release

SONY's Underwater Exploration Exhibition
Hosted by Maritime Center of Norwalk

WEST HARTFORD, CT (July 27, 1989) - On September 28, 1989, the Maritime Center at Norwalk, Connecticut, will unveil a new exhibition based on the theme of Underwater Exploration.   The exhibition, which was produced by Scuba Guides International, Inc. (SGI) and sponsored by the SONY Corporation, will explore various aspects of the exploration concept throughout a series of developmental phases.   Initially, the works of the renowned undersea photographer, Christopher Newbert, will be showcased along with a giant, man-made coral reef designed to engage the tactile involvement of every visitor.   Undersea video will include SGI's world-wide expedition footage highlighted by quadraphonic sound systems that will recreate the sights and sounds of the sea within the Maritime Gallery and Falconer Hall display areas.

As the exhibition evolves, Newbert's photos will remain, but new exhibits will be added that encompass all aspects of underwater exploration.   Special emphasis will be given to the technological and scientific advancements that have helped us to learn about the sea and to better understand our impact on it.

SGI, founded and led by its President, Patxi (pronounced pah-chee) Pastor, is an organization dedicated to raising public awareness of the marine environment and to influencing the way people perceive it.   "We want to create a new sense of stewardship towards the seas," says Pastor who is the creator and Executive Producer of the exhibition.   According to him, the exhibit is "an ideal opportunity to bring to life the mystery and beauty of the underwater world for the many adults and children who visit the Maritime Center every year."

Beyond the various components of the exhibit, Pastor is working together with the Maritime Center's staff to develop interactive, educational programs for students, teachers, groups and the diving community.   The exhibit will serve to enrich and support educational programs throughout New England schools, activities and presentations related to the marine environment and explorative state-of-the-art technologies.

The upcoming exhibits and programs will include artifacts from Long Island Sound and shipwrecks; a global perspective of the Long Island Sound's ecosystem; examples of what individuals can do to improve the

Maritime environment; displays of technologies such as remotely operated underwater vehicles; historical and state-of-the-art diving equipment; side-scan sonar; Landsat imagery; digitally sampled environmental sounds and animal vocalizations.   Live footage and interactive equipment will encourage visitors to participate and become personally involved with various aspects of the undersea world.  

Upon conclusion of the Maritime Center's presentation, the exhibition is scheduled to travel to other USA and international institutions.   Leading aquariums, museums and entertainment facilities, such as the Living Seas at Epcot Center at Walt Disney World, are currently in negotiations to host the exhibit in the future.

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