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For Immediate Release

September 22, 1998


National Fulfillment, Inc., one of the world's largest fulfillment organizations,
has signed an agreement to develop virtually unlimited scalability for online merchandise orders for top Internet celebrity web site publisher.

Nashville, TN - National Fulfillment, Inc. announced today that it has teamed with Patxi Entertainment Network, Inc. (PEN), a leading developer of celebrity based web sites, to develop state-of-the-art online merchandise fulfillment and order processing systems for top entertainment franchises and recording artists. National Fulfillment, Inc. is state-of-the-art 190,000 square foot facility, centrally located in Nashville, Tennessee, is within 700 miles of 70% of the US population and strategically situated near the main hub for Federal Express.

PEN has designed, built and published over seventeen major online entertainment sites and has received over thirty of the industry's leading awards for web design and production. These sites include SUPERMODEL.COM, FREDERIQUE.COM, LYNYRDSKYNYRD.COM and DEADTIES.COM all of which have been designed to provide site visitors with a seamless online shopping experience to purchase celebrity-endorsed merchandise. These online stores offer fans the opportunity to purchase official celebrity merchandise ranging in scope from official concert t-shirts to a supermodel's personal signature fragrance.

"The rapidly growing number of sites we manage combined with the dramatic increase in online sales over the past three years has required us to look at various strategies to expand our fulfillment capabilities without loosing focus of our core business. Our partnership with National Fulfillment gives us the ability to provide virtually unlimited scalability in our fulfillment capacity to our celebrity partners," said Patxi Pastor, President and C.E.O. of Patxi Entertainment Network, Inc. "National's outstanding reputation in the industry and vast expertise in order processing and fulfillment assists us in developing the optimum online shopping experience for our site visitors. Ultimately this relationship creates the maximum value for all of our leading entertainment franchises."

"The opportunity to team with Patxi Entertainment Network and work with them to create the ultimate online shopping experience allows us to stay at the forefront of our industry," said Rollie Froehlig, President and C.E.O. of National Fulfillment, Inc. "We're witnessing amazing growth in these areas as celebrity based franchises are figuring out just how large a market the Internet provides for their products. We believe there are very few companies that have our combined expertise and capabilities. By being first in the market to figure out the optimum integration of online shopping and fulfillment we expect our companies to lead the way in this exciting marketplace."

Founded in 1986 National Fulfillment, Inc. is the leading order processing and fulfillment center in the United States. Having long been recognized as a pioneer in the industry, National Fulfillment continues to embrace new technologies allowing it to maintain its leadership position.

Patxi Entertainment Network, Inc. is one of the world leaders in celebrity-based Internet programming which provides custom publishing services, content, and special event programming. It's site sponsors, which have seen the value of its monthly traffic of over seventeen million requests, include AT&T, Citibank, Kodak, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, American Airlines, People Magazine, Sunny Delight, Moet Champagne, Vidal Sassoon, Clearasil, Cover Girl and Nikon.

Contact: Nick Cirmo (203) 271-4921, National Fulfillment, Inc.